Southend International 2015


Guernsey duo Ollie Bailey and Angelo Dorey brought some medals back with them when they returned from the recent Southend International competition.

The competition attracted more than 700 entrants over the two days with 6 mats on the go.

Bailey was first into action on the Saturday on mat three in the yellow-to-blue belt (sixth kyu to second kyu) category.

In only his second UK competition, he fought well to win a bronze medal.

Next up, Dorey competed in the Black Belt Dan Grades section and after many hard close fought fights going the distance, he finished in fifth spot, just outside the medals.

On day two the Guernsey pair were competing at the same time on different mats so each was unaware of how the other was faring.

In the end, though, both were delighted to get a silver medal for their efforts.

Bailey fought his way through the final where he lost out to a more experienced opponent, but was more than happy with his achievement.

Dorey also won his first two fights despite breaking his toe during the first and got through to the final where he was up against a fifth dan Swedish national.

It turned out to be a tough call he fought well but eventually lost to a Juji Gatame (arm bar), which ended the fight, so he ended up with a silver medal and 10 points towards his second dan.

Both were very pleased with the end results and are looking forward to the next competition in 2016 where they are hoping to do even better.