Fraser Miller Wins Bedell Young Volunteer Award


‘WHY would I not want to help out with a sport I love?’ were the words from the winner of the Young Volunteer Award on receiving the accolade the other night.

The Bedell Volunteer Recognition Awards at Beau Sejour saw a large number of nominations put forward in appreciation of the voluntary hard work that islanders put into local sport.

It is the fourth year the event has taken place.

A wide range of sports were represented, including basketball, swimming, cheerleading and softball.

Profiles of all the nominees were on display for the public to see, highlighting all the areas and activities in which islanders help.

Fraser Miller was awarded the Young Volunteer tribute in recognition of the time he has given to help young people with judo.

The category is for those aged 21 and under.

For the last five or six years Mr Miller has been working with a range of age groups including young people with special needs. The 19-year-old is also currently studying a psychology course with the Open University.

Five-times-a-week, including lunchtimes and at after-school classes, Mr Miller helps teach the sport.

‘I work with five-year-olds to secondary (age), the oldest is about 18’ he said.

‘I also work with special needs and do classes at Le Rondin and Le Murier’

Fraser originally began in jiu jitsu. His coach then set up a judo after-school club, which Fraser attended.

‘And I never got round to stopping’ he said.

‘After that I haven’t left. I love the sport and the technicalities of it.’

He said there is a lot of trust with judo and seeing it through people is amazing.

He knew he was nominated for the award but did not expect to win. Fraser said how rewarding volunteering was for him and how much he enjoys it. He would encourage anyone to get involved in volunteering and help out however they could.